Merchant Partner Expression of Interest

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Merchant Partner with InnerOrigin. InnerOrigin values a win/win relationship with our Merchant Partners, and sees you as true partners in business. The InnerOrigin marketplace is dedicated to providing transparency, truth on label and the highest quality products available to the consumer. Upon submission of your Expression of Interest one of our Merchant Partner Account Managers will be in contact with you (within 2 business days).

Here are a few of the compelling reasons to become a Merchant Partner on the Inner Origin marketplace:

  1. All of our customers have made a commitment to their health and wellness. These valued customers are shopping on the Inner Origin platform every day
  2. We help you passionately share your story about your products with InnerOrigin shoppers
  3. You control the price of your product on the InnerOrigin market place
  4. Access to thousands of InnerOrigin Advocates sharing the platform daily
  5. Reliable feedback and data to you via InnerOrigins unique Virtual Community Marketplace (VCM)
  6. You are empowered by choosing how you best want to partner with InnerOrigin via a Gold, Silver or Bronze package
  7. The ability to align your brand with InnerOrigins Brand Ambassadors
  8. Opportunity to participate with InnerOrigins digital marketing campaigns, promotions and events.

Company Details

Thanks for your interest!

Congratulations on your first step to becoming an InnerOrigin Merchant Partner. We will be in touch within the next 2 Business Days.